Research Themes

As one of 18 collaborative institutes throughout the United States, CIMAS conducts research, education, training and outreach aligned with NOAA’s mission, and facilitates the involvement of faculty, students and post-doctoral investigators in NOAA-funded research.  CIMAS itself focuses upon seven themes encompassing NOAA’s goals with respect to Climate, Weather & Water and Ecosystems as expressed in its Strategic Plans.

Each of the seven Research Theme will involve projects that provides a continuation of activities that rely only upon the present CIMAS scientific workforce , activities that rely upon recent supplements to the capability of  CIMAS by one of the eight Partner Universities (Florida Atlantic University -FAU, Florida International University -FIU, Florida State University -FSU, NOVA Southeastern University -NOVA,  the University of  Florida -UF, the University of South Florida -USF, the University of the Virgin Islands - UVI and the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaquez –UPRM), and activities that rely upon the combined capabilities of two or more partner institutions.

The Research Themes:

Climate research and impacts
Tropical Weather
Sustained Ocean and Coastal Observation
Ocean Modeling
Ecosystem Modeling and Forecasting
Ecosystem Management
Protection and Restoration of Resources