The Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies is a NOAA Center of Excellence to increase scientific understanding of Earth’s oceans and atmosphere.

The federally supported institute, located at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, brings together the research and educational resources of ten partner universities to provide research opportunities, educational training and outreach to students and postdoctoral scientists in NOAA-funded research.

Research Themes

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Climate Research & Impacts

Focused on understanding oceanic and atmospheric processes associated with global and regional climate change.

Tropical Weather

Research on hurricanes and other tropical weather systems with a focus on the transition from research to operations.

Sustained Ocean and Coastal Observations

Research important for understanding and monitoring the ocean and coastal environment on a range of timescales, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and Atlantic.

Ocean Modeling

Modeling of the ocean from the surface to the floor to improve climate variability and climate change forecasting.

Ecosystem Modeling and Forecasting

Understanding the structure and function of marine ecosystems to improve ecosystem modeling and forecasting.

Ecosystem Management

Enhancing scientific understanding of the interconnections between the marine ecosystem and the adjacent watershed to support sustainable coastal development and community resiliency.

Protection and Restoration of Resources

The development of technology, tools to enable improvements in defining, protecting and restoring habitats and populations.