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Virtual launch of the University of Miami - NOAA Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmostpheric Studies (CIMAS)

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Sub-Seasonal to Multi-Year Prediction Research

Issues in Sub-Seasonal to Multi-Year Prediction Research - Prof. Ben Kirtman presents a Seminar on October 9, 2020 9:30am in...

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South Indian Ocean Heat Content and Sea Level Dynamics in 2014-2018

New Publications In "ScienceAdvances": Unprecendented reduction and quick recovery of the South

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Dr. Ben Kirtman's Seminars - Hurricanes, Floods, and Fires Oh My!

Dr. Ben Kirtman's Seminar on Predicting Extreme Weather and Hazards from Days-to-Decades:

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Climate Cafe Series

Three Zoominar lunch time conversations with faculty and graduate students. Learn about the different facets of climate science happening at...

April 02, 2020

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With Fewer Commutes, COVID 19 Gives scientists a look at Earth with less carbon

With workers and businesses around the planet suddenly shut down, scientists are getting an expected glimpse at a world with...

January 07, 2020


West Palm Beach tied for third warmest year in record  Research

The overall average temperature of 77.5 degrees was 2.1 degrees warmer than normal...